Intelligent Industrial Solution

Autonomous Mobile Robot

Autonomous Mobile Robot

According to different automation needs, we offer a multi-functional robot solution.
Multi-functional robots can handle various tasks such as collaboration, transportation, patrol, etc., and improve production efficiency.

Flexible application

By equipping the car with different components, such as boxes, shelves, lifting devices, conveyor belts and even robotic arms, the robot can perform a variety of functions to assist production.

No need to modify existing facilities

Under normal circumstances, multi-functional robots do not need to add or modify the facilities on site. Robots can automatically locate, identify the surrounding environment, automatically take the most effective route to the destination, and safely avoid obstacles and personnel.

Automated delivery task

Multi-functional robots can be used wherever they need to be transported, such as warehouses or indoor workshops.

Through the automatic positioning and intelligent avoidance computer scheduling system, safe and fast multi-point transportation can be carried out on site.

Production collaboration

By equipping the corresponding components, multi-functional robots can assist in the process operation between different production lines and improve production efficiency.


Patrol detection

With powerful positioning functions and various sensing devices, multi-function robots can perform extensive patrols on site, such as temperature detection, object detection, data statistics, etc., and can alert managers to specific events.

Customized solution

Can be customized according to different usage conditions, our professional team can assist in planning and design.