Delivery Robot

With a few finger taps, you can instruct the robot to send items to a designated location automatically.
In addition, the robot can also carry out repetitive cruising work automatically.

Smart Appearance and Smart Functions

  • The design ensures that the robot’s center of gravity is at the top of the chassis and it does not roll forward or backward as it passes through the bumps.
  • The friction generated by the anti-slip mat on the tray prevents the item from slipping.
  • The independent suspension chassis minimizes the bumps on the path.

Two Different Modes

Direct mode

In Direct mode, the robot can travel to multiple locations at the same time, place different items on several trays and send them to designated locations. The robot can plan the best path on its own and deliver the item as quickly as possible.

Cruising mode

In Cruising mode, the robot can carry items along the established loop path over and over again, and give instructions and alerts through audio and screen display.



Direct mode requires no track laying

The SLAM technology combined by laser radar and UWB provides the best solution, allowing robots to operate without tracks.


Obstacle Avoidance

The robot can react at a very fast speed of 0.5 seconds and start to slow down and stop driving at 5 meters in front of the obstacle, making the transportation safer.


Fast Charging & Long Battery Life

By charging large-capacity lithium battery for 4 hours, the robot can be used for two whole days.

Application Scenarios