With light weight and high mobility, I-CART is an intelligent electric carrier that can carry goods in a smart way.

Switching between FOUR modes

With various operation modes, I-CART can always suit your needs.


Follow Mode

The I-CART follows the staff all the way to assist in handling goods.

Leading Mode

I-CART automatically moves forward in front of the staff without need of pushing.

Remote Control Mode

Remotely control movement I-CART to make work more convenient.

Manual Mode

The traditional manpower implementation can be used in conjunction with the automatic mode.

Multiple forms

I-CART can have a variety of forms which is applicable to different working scenarios.




尺寸 Dimensions


重量 Weight

10kg (不含電池) (Without Battery)

馬達 Motor

雙直流無刷馬達 Dual BLDC motors
total 500 watts (500 watts)

最大載重 Maximum Loading


電池 Battery

Li-ion 鋰電池36V 6.6Ah

最大爬坡 Maximum slope

6 (150kg載重測試)