Patrol robot

Patrol robots can automatically perform patrol work outdoors and indoors.
It can perform functions such as image recognition analysis, license plate recognition, and environmental monitoring.

Patrol navigation

Instant positioning, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic return charging

Automatic patrol

Omnidirectional pan/tilt monitoring

HD night vision

Visual recognition and analysis

Image, license plate identification

  • License Plate Recognition
  • Cross-border recognition
  • Behavior recognition

Automatic environmental detection

HD camera, series environment sensor

  • Fire alarm
  • Toxic gas
  • PM2.5 detection
  • temperature humidity
  • Safety environment testing
  • Smoke, combustible gas detection
  • Air quality testing: PM2.5
  • Temperature and humidity detection
  • Fire source detection

Property management work

Information release, promotion and communication

Product advantages

High-precision autonomous navigation
Instant positioning, automatic obstacle avoidance and automatic return charging

Environmental monitoring
High resolution camera, series environmental monitoring sensor

Long standby
Single charge standby up to 20 hours, task execution about 8 hours

Emergency treatment
Glare equipment and tweeter

Voice intercom
Two-way voice, one-way video transmission

Warning message broadcast
Loopback voice message