Picking Robot

Driven by new technology, the era of comprehensive automation of warehousing logistics has begun. Automation solution having robots and artificial intelligence technology as core component can bring efficient, accurate, reliable, flexible management console. The application of Intelligent storehouse robot will decide an enterprise’s competitiveness in logistics management.

Intellectual Order Picking System

Composed of a series hardware such as mobile robot, mobile shelf, replenishment and picking workstation, warehouse management system, robot dispatching system and software. The software system driven by AI algorithm could carry out tasks such as shelving, picking, replenishment, goods return, inventory etc.


In all business processes involving sub-districts (including listing, picking, restocking, returns, stocktaking, etc.), operators are not required to enter the interior of the sub-area, but only to wait at the workstation. The system automatically assigns the mobile robot to transport the target shelf to the workstation, and the operator automatically sends the shelves back to the sub-area after completing the work with the system instructions

System Oriented

After an order is received, the system will connect to user’s warehouse management system and command all following procedures. All the data (including the report) will be established and maintained by the system without the need for manual intervention. Operators only have to carry out actions such as picking, code scanning and packing under the system’s instructions (laser, button light, workstation interface, etc.).

Application Scenarios

  • Receiving and Shipping
  • Shelving
  • Goods Picking
  • Packaging and Sorting


  • Reduce labour input by 60%
  • Scientific Management
  • Flexibility
  • 99.9% Accuracy

The best solution to improve efficiency

Intelligent Warehouse

  • Enhance order efficiency
  • Intelligent warehouse allocation enhances storage space utilization
  • Real-time analyzation of order popularity, automatic location adjusting
  • Real-time Inventory Monitoring
  • Intelligent Automatic Charging

High Adaptability

  • Coordinate with user’s workflow
  • Works perfectly with the user’s work system
  • Fulfills requirements of variety of warehouse business and management policies
  • Applicable to existing or new warehouses


  • Can be increased according to warehouse capacity
  • Flexible management of multiple categories of goods (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Can handle workload changes in different business cycles
  • Combinable with various packaging types of different goods
  • Can handle different units of goods: box, set, bar, package, box, bunch, etc.