Racking System

A suitable Racking system makes your working flow quicker and more sufficient. Our professional team can assist you with planning and designing so you could create the best solusion.

Selective Racking

Let operators access cargos in a quicker, more convenient way, raising working efficiency.

Drive-in racking

Drive-in racking is the best choice for storage of massive similar good, saving up time and space.

Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking, which requires extensible racking equipment, provides an extra 30% of storing space, compared to selective racking.

Narrow Aisle Racking

Narrow aisle racking is a high-density solution which utilizes racking space.

Mezzanine racking

With shelves as brackets, additional aerial channels are added to each floor, increasing the racking space at height. The solution requires high load capacity of the ground.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is designed for storing cargo s in irregular shape or length.

Gravity Flow Racking

Gravity roll tracks will be installed on the rack and the rack will be sloped. Gravity racking is usually designed for carton form cargos and allows the practicing of carton flow and FIFO, to make replenishment and picking more convenient.

Duty racking

It is suitable for storing small and low-weight goods, which is convenient for people to access the goods.