Safety device and system

We provide a variety of safety devices and systems that protect people, equipment or facilities, providing the strongest backing for warehouse operations.


Personnel sensing system

We can always ensure the safety of all personnel in the warehouse, and minimize the possibility of accidents by means of warning, deceleration or emergency stop.


Equipment collision avoidance system

We can ensure that there is no collision between handling equipment and handling equipment, warehouse facilities, and avoid unnecessary losses.


Zone speed control system

We can automatically control the driving speed of the handling equipment for the speed limit requirements of different areas.
For example, we can control the automatic deceleration of the handling equipment as it enters the room, ensuring safety when moving in different areas.


Anti-collision device

We also provide anti-collision devices for all types of warehouse facilities to minimize all losses.


Customized warehouse security solution

It can be customized according to different warehouse or equipment usage, and our professional team can assist with planning and advice.