Shuttle System

The shuttle system handles a large and diverse range of cargo. The compact design allows for a smaller footprint on the shelves for high-density storage.
The shuttle system can operate independently, or it can be combined with a card lift, a conveyor system and various storage management systems to form a dense automatic warehouse.

The shuttle system is used in conjunction with a manually operated forklift to separate the storage and transport of the cargo: the cargo access function is performed by the shuttle, and the forklift operator completes the cargo transport function.

The forklift only works in the entry and exit area of the storage area, and the shuttle is used to place the goods into the designated storage space without entering the cargo storage area.

The forklift operator controls the shuttle to store the goods by using the wireless remote control, and can carry out two modes of work: first-in-first-out or advanced-out.


Shuttle plate solution to improve storage efficiency

  • The forklift does not need to enter the roadway, saving operating time and improving the safety of personnel and goods.
  • Warehouse goods storage efficiency has been greatly improved
  • Make full use of warehouse space, utilization rate can reach more than 80%
  • Flexible access to different types of products
  • More secure than drive-in shelves and through shelves
  • Applicable to a large number of small samples, such as food, beverages and other single-variety large-scale, relatively single-item industries, especially suitable for cold storage environment