Sorting Robot

The sorting robot is another solution for automatic sorting, which can be compared in the layout without being limited by the venue. Similarly, various goods can be automatically sorted by type, delivery location, delivery party or specific method, and then transported to designated locations, such as designated shelves, processing areas, shipping platforms, and the like.

Common layout

According to different site and process needs, we can make different layout plans.


Efficient sorting robot solution

  • The delivery personnel receive the order and are assigned by the warehouse management system to different delivery requirements;
  • The delivery goods are handed over to the sorting robot by a delivery person or an automated method through a pipeline or other means of delivery;
  • With cargo inspection system, barcode recognition, weight detection and size detection can be completed automatically
  • The sorting robot automatically sorts out the shipment according to the shipping priority order, the delivery truck number, the customer number or a specific method;
  • The delivery personnel have already sorted the goods and delivered them to the truck equipment for delivery.

Smaller footprint

Low layout, less than the size of the venue

Flexible expansion

Can be expanded at any time according to the flow of goods, only a short setup time

24 hours of uninterrupted work

The robot automatically charges for 5 minutes and can work continuously for 4 hours.