Auto-access Warehouse System

A more intensive storage methods and a more efficient access operation!
Improve warehousing efficiency by:
Simplifying the storage of various types of small goods
Using our warehouse system to command the access of goods
Assigning robots to move designated tracks to make accessing fast and accurate
Connecting cargo entrance/exit with automation systems

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

1. Through the operation of a simple warehouse system, staff can perform warehouse management at the cargo entrance/exit

2.After receiving the system instructions, the palletizing robot will walk along track designated by the warehouse.

3.The robots will automatically access the goods and then transport them to the cargo entrance/exit.

Automatic access operation principle

Different types of automatic access


Turnaround Boxes


The flexible warehouse system can form different layouts, regardless the venue’s size

  • Can form different layouts, regardless the venue’s size
  • Can be disassembled and assembled in conjunction with site migration

Enables setting up in venues with various size and traffic flow.

Layout in Smaller scale

(The warehouse’s height, width can be adjusted according to the site to form different layouts) 

Two-sets dual-modulation layouts
High-access traffic layout
Remote-transportation connecting Layout
Layout in larger scale

A simple control system allows individual operation without connecting to external software

(connecting is optional)

Product series

Intelligent storehouse

Applicable to spare-parts and finished goods warehouse of various industries

Intelligent File Management

Applicable to film, sample, paper or relevant storage archives

Intelligent container

Applicable to retail wholesale stores