Forklift AGV

AGV forklift can automatically extract and transport pallets, cargo baskets, trolleys and many other mobile carriers. Its multi-functional nature allows goods to move among floors, shelves, cargo platforms and conveyor belts.


Lightweight Forklift AGV

Forklift AGV Stacker

Counterbalance Forklift AGV

Forklift AGV Reach Truck

Complementary System


Shows real time parameters of automatic forklift and the status of the environment
to help users monitor automatic forklifts

360° protection to ensure safety

Using the most advanced three Dimensional Laser Scanning technology, leaving no blind spots. 360 Degree Omnidirectional Range Scanning: laser scanning(front), protection radar(side), wave detection(back) to ensures safety of both the forklift and surrounding objects.

Laser: Front protection Radar: Side protection  Wave detection: Back protection

When confronting obstacles, automated guided forklifts will modify its route and formulate another plan to access the designed destination.

When confronting moving objects, automated guided forklifts will pause and wait for the object to pass, remaining at a safe distance from it.

When confronting human, forklifts will alert the person with audio automatically.

Efficient and Accurate

Low Position Deviation

In conjunction with its own laser navigation system,
the position deviation between the actual pickup point
reached by the automatic forklift truck and the point
specified by the system can be limited to 10mm.

Little Angle Deviation

When the automatic forklift receives the instruction
to reach the designated position, it will align the
machine body with the assigned cargo. The angle deviation
between the body and the cargo is within 0.5°.

Target Scan

Automatically detects

.Whether there is any cargo at the pickup point specified by the system
.The direction of the goods, while judging the
direction of the goods on the forklift at the same time
.Whether the pallet is aligned with fork
(and self-corrects the direction/angle when necessary)

Barcode recognition

Automatic forklifts can be scanned
And read shelves, card boards,
A barcode or QR code on an object,
Perfect cooperation with warehouse management system

Mobile phone control, to arrange the work of automatic forklift

The system also has a mobile APP function, a mobile phone can understand the status of automatic forklift, and control the operation direction of the automatic forklift, speed and the height of the fork

Automatic loading and unloading, completely put your hands

In addition to carrying cargo, the automatic forklift can
also automatically carry out cargo handling, even if the lorry
is not accurately moored in the designated location,
As long as the distance error range is between 50-100cm,
the angle error is between 10°-20°,Automatic forklifts can
identify truck location and finish loading/unloading automatically.

Scheduling system
Everything is right at
your fingertips

Control over the entire site Real-time information Animation simulation

Our system can assist in real-time monitoring of the site,
so that you know all the tasks of the automatic forklift and their own status

The system also simulates the working scene with animation. When any abnormalities happen,
the system will automatically send messages to inform you with the situation.

Takes only 4 steps to create new task Ultra-high efficiency

By 4 simple steps on the system, you can create new tasks that will be assigned to the automatic forklift
by the system. This Significantly saves user’s time and increases efficiency

Intelligent Route Planning

The system intelligently plans the best route for the
automatic forklift, considering not only the shortest
route and the small number of turns but also
reasonably estimates the traffic flow within the route.

Dual Protection

The system intelligently analyzes the real-time tracks
of each automatic forklift truck, predict possible
collisions on each section and avoid collision in
advance with 360 Degree Omnidirectional Range
Scanning, achieving dual protection.

Remote Control & Real-time monitoring

Just by switching on the system’s monitoring screen, you can see the working status of forklift’s in the entire site.

Diversified Data Ingestion

Multiple sites can be connected through network or 4G data. Automatic forklifts are also controllable using a scheduling system

AGV Management Specialist
Your all-around assistant

Site Overview Usage Frequency Summary

The distribution area of each site is shown on the system map,
and the frequency of automatic forklift used in each site is analyzed in chart form.
Statistics of the working time period of automatic forklift truck are also shown,
allowing users to carry out reasonable resource allocation conveniently.

Automatic Forklift Report

The system summarizes activities of automatic forklifts for all sites and records
the status information of each automatic forklift truck, then show it in the chart
form so users could understand the situation at their fingertips.

Anomalies Report

The system will count the abnormal conditions of all automatic forklifts, classify and count

Intelligent WMS

Create the perfect Smart Warehouse

Warehouse Management System

  • Cloud Deployment

    The real cloud deployment architecture,

    Multi-tier management system, Global deployment

  • Go Lean

    Refinery inventory management, Lean job
    management, Overall performance management

  • Massive Data Processing

    Massive order Processing efficiency, Real-time
    wave management Optimization, Elastic Expansion

  • High Configurability

    Open rule engine, Open architecture,
    Open Interface platform

Practical Problem Solving

WMS records all operational processes,
accurately tracks every action and makes
inventory management more transparent

Help you in handling warehouse management system

Major Reform with Three Improvements

A transformation in warehouse management
and operation mode

.Visualization of warehouse management
.Clear specification for warehousing management
.Informatization operation reduces reliance on human labour
.Paperless office increases overall productivity

Improve efficiency of warehousing operations

.System provides shelf location information and assist intelligent good-picking
.Automatic perform replenishment according to inventory alerts
.System reminder of location
.Support perpetual counting, cycle counting, sampling, inspection, etc.

Improve Operator Performance

.Full operating records(including picking,
packing, shipping and receiving goods,
shelving, replenishing, inventory, etc.)
.Automatically compute people job summary information
.Real-time display of docking warehouse billboard system

Improve Inventory accuracy

.Improve shipment/receiving accuracy
.Reduce inventory abnormalities
.Radio frequency equipment and scanning equipment

All-rounded function & Process Tracking

Data visualization

Multiple physical warehouse, logical data warehouse can be created in the same environment; Visibility and access are controlled by role permissions; Enables flexible transfers between warehouses; Order is locked/takes up inventory space right after receiving

Centralized Monitoring: Data visualization
Production and Sales department: Production Schedule Monitoring
Warehouse Department: Inventory Status display