DWS System

DWS System can help companies raise efficiency and lower cost.
We offer DWS System of different size with various functions to increase automation efficiency.

Detection scheme

Top Side Reading Solution

The system automatically reads the cargo information on the barcode (the barcode orientation must be up), detects the volume and weight, and can provide a reminder function for specific requirements.

  • Supports 1D or 2D codes
  • 10mmAccuracy of object coverage ±10mm
  • Minimum width of code 0.25mm
  • Allowed weight for weighing 0-60kg, accuracy of scale ±50g
  • Easy to set up, requires only a small-scale site transformation

5-Sided Reading Solution

Through the camera set in multiple directions of the pipeline, the bar code information in all directions of the cargo is comprehensively obtained, the position of the goods is lowered, the recognition efficiency is higher, the volume and weight can be detected at the same time, and the reminding function is given for specific requirements.

  • Supports 5-sided Reading, can reading from different angles
  • Able to handle irregular packages with multi-angle all-round identification
  • Read rate up to 99.9%
  • Accuracy of object coverage ±10mm
  • Minimum width of code 0.25mm
  • Allowed weight for weighing0-60kg, accuracy of scale ±50g

Process inspection program

The inspection system can be used as part of an overall automation solution that can be coupled to other operational processes via an assembly line or robotic connection.

  • Automatic detection scheme
  • Flexible with face array or line array of smart cameras
  • High-speed reading camera and high-bright strobe light with high efficiency requirements
  • Support pipeline or robot connection

Independent detection scheme

In accordance with different needs, the inspection system can also be set separately from the operational process to independently carry out cargo inspection work.

  • Semi-automatic detection scheme
  • Handles different sizes of goods
  • Using a high resolution camera
  • Easy to set up, no need for any site renovation